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.“Well, this is a bunch of what ifs and maybes.Nothing is concrete so I am going to take it all with a grain of salt, like you said Emma.We need to get back to Cypress Grove to go through all those books,” I say to be done with the guessing game right now.Chapter 35It’s late evening as we arrive back to Franklin.The sunset is beautiful as we pull up the lane.Sam is walking the perimeter with the dogs when he sees us pull up.As we all get out of the SUV, Sam walks into the garage with the dogs.German Shepherds are such beautiful creatures.I want to pet them, but Jacob and Luke told me when they are working they need to stay focused.I’m not allowed to give them affection.“Sitzen,” Sam orders to the dogs in a German command and both dogs sit simultaneously.“Good puppies,” I whisper under my breath and Luke looks down at me smiling.Luke assured me they are well taken care of and they are only working dogs for two years before they retire.They are only a year old and just graduated from the academy.Luke purchased them and they will only ever be with us.Once this is over, they will be our pets.I can’t wait till I can scratch their tummies and love them up.All I know is that they are brothers and their names are Gus and Oscar.Emma kisses me on the cheek and says she’s tired and is going to head for home.Miss Finnegan is gone for a few days staying at her mom’s house.So when we walk in the house it seems quiet.Jacob, Luke, and Sam gather around the kitchen island.Sam reports that the infrared fence is up.The dogs sit like statues next to Sam and I watch them while the guys talk.“So basically no one is going to enter the perimeter without us knowing,” Sam says as I tune in to what they’re saying again.Jacob follows Sam and the dogs outside so he can see all that was accomplished today.Luke and I go into the family room to watch some TV.We find a good comedy because I told him nothing serious.We settle on the couch to watch the movie.He lays up against the arm rest with his legs outstretched and I work my way between his legs and rest the back of my head on his chest.It’s so comfortable in his arms, that I doze off after fifteen minutes into the movie.The next thing that I remember is Jacob running in the house hollering for us.It startles me awake and Luke is wiggling to get up.I sit up groggy trying to figure out what is going on.“What is it?” Luke says, panic in his eyes as he helps me up.“Code Purple!” Jacob shouts and instantly Luke pushes me back down on the couch shoving my head down so I am laying flat.I can’t remember what code purple is.It’s not intruder in the house, is it? I’m suddenly scared for Luke as much as myself.Jacob is in the family room closing all the blinds.It must be another perimeter breach.Luke helps Jacob close all the blinds then returns by my side again.I sit up a little so I can at least look around, but keep my head down still.“I need a status,” Jacob says into the walkie out of breath.“M.S.L.F secure in sector two.” Jacob gives my status and my location.I hear some mumbling in the walkie responding to Jacobs command, but can’t understand what they are saying.Jacob sits on the chair across from us looking at our concerned faces for a moment before he explains what’s happening.“We were in the cottage where we set up the monitors for the cameras and we saw movement in sector twelve,” Jacob starts to describe what’s going on.“Sector twelve is the space between our infrared hold and the security line.We set that up so that we could distinguish animals.” He continues, “He never got pass the security line, but he was testing it for weaknesses.The security lines are invisible laser beams that hold a certain amount of electric current,” Jacob says describing the part of the security that I had no idea about.They forgot to mention the invisible electric fence.“It’s like he knew they were there, but they are new, cutting edge in security,” Jacob says stumped on how he knew not to walk through the laser beams.“How did he get past the infrared sensors?” Luke asks with his hand still on my back to keep me down out of sight.“We need to review the tapes still, but he was wearing some sort of suit,” Jacob answers him calmly [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]
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